Our Introduction

The World Fellowship of Buddhists (The WFB) is an international organization and the regional centre of Hong Kong & Macau was founded in October 1952 by a group of Bhikkhu and Bhikuni Buddists. In October 1952, The WFB registered as a legal organization in Hong Kong. The WFB aims to promote Buddhism and work for peace and joy of all. In 1969, The WFB registered as a private limited company and was approved to be a charity organization in 1976, focusing on social welfare and early childhood education affairs.

In the past 60 years, The WFB held Buddhism classes free of charge, participated in large scale rituals, ceremonies and other cultural voluntary work, aiming to increase the international status of Hong Kong.  We also edit and publish Buddhism related books and donate to those who are in need.

In January 1981, The WFB devoted itself into early childhood services and established nursery schools. Until today, there are 3 Nursery Schools, including the WFB Manjusri Nursery School in Tsing Yi, WFB Mantra Institute Nursery School and WFB Avalokitesvara Nursery School in Tuen Mun. Our schools provide an all-rounded learning environment and a variety of services to young children, aiming to develop their knowledge, skills, social relationships and independent thinking ability. We value the multi-intelligence of children and hold parent-child events from time to time, hoping to build good virtues among students and provide other related activities with the community.