Our Pledge

(1) Continue to develop the great spirit of Buddha’s by providing compassionate services, and contribute to the promotion of Dharma.

(2) Unite all Buddhists and Buddhist organizations in order to being about peace and joy for all humans in the world.

Our Vision

(1) Strive to be an excellent social welfare organization and education centres.

(2) To promote the perfect doctrine of Buddha and train specialists to promote and participate in the organization.

Our Mission

(1) We adopt a variety of teaching methods in order to cultivate the best sides of young children.

(2) Foster the development of children from the virtues of
Morality, intelligence, physical, social and beauty, in order to build a strong foundation for their future learning.

Our Responsibility

(1) Apart from adding new resources, we are responsible for supervising the inner workings and effectiveness of the organization.  As well as to inspect the financial expenses of kindergartens in order to put resources into good use.

(2) We communicate with other service users and train our staff, in order to increase the welfare and overall performances of our education centres and make good use of our resources.